Thanks and congratulations to all the students and teachers for an interesting project that is soon coming to its end! You have been great! 

Even if the site is now open to the public, we will still be working with it. There are more to be published, and we also want you to comment on this blog, any thoughts you might have about the results of the project or about leisure time in general. Be welcome!

Borgny and students, thank you for your activities. You have published all important documents , you have done it interesting way. Czech students will not have etwinning  lessons until the 3 week of May. 
It will be time to write final evaluation of our project. 
We know, that you and Greek teams are the best partners ! 

Welcome to the blog on our site! Nice to have you too Irene!
Should we agree to wait to publish the site until we have been trying and testing for a while? It's not necessary to push the "publish" button to save what you have done - it is for doing the site public.
Have a nice day!